The show Contrasts

The show "Contrasts"

In 2020 Sylvia Cazeneuve presents a recital which is an opening to the world and to others.

- Contrasts...
If we look for the definition of the word contrast, here is what we can read: "an obvious difference between two or more things".

This recital is a way to look across the horizon, across mountains, rivers and oceans ...
Many composers have been inspired by the travel, by the discovery of the unknown, by the exotic brought by another and elsewhere. This recital explores this cultural transversality and exhibits various landscapes and portraits.

"Contrastes" is a recital of French melodies by different composers including Maurice Ravel, Camille Saint-Saëns, Arthur Honegger, Pauline Viardot, Louis Ganne, Francisco Salvador Daniel…

With a few piano interludes and an intermission, this show lasts 1:30.

On Saturday August 1, this recital will receive the world premiere of a cycle of melodies by composer François Riu-Barotte.