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Eternelles, Women composers

As early as January 2015 Sylvia Cazeneuve presents a recital dedicated to French women composers of yesterday and today. This recital is built around works composed by women of the nineteenth century to today.
French Women composers...
This recital wants to pay tribute to these women who have struggled against the difficulties of being both woman and composer in the patriarchal world of music. The story of the women of yesterday and today is exciting, refusing to be silent, to remain in oblivion, struggling against prejudice and asserting their identity, they have made remarkable works full depth and courage they should be put in the spotlight.
To name a few of these women: Augusta Holmès, Cécile Chaminade, Nadia et Lili Boulanger, Marguerite Canal, Clémence Grandval, Marybel Dessagnes and an exclusive composition of Isabelle Aboulker...

For this recital Isabelle Aboulker had specialy composed "Les petites mélodies impertinentes". Fisrt world in 2015.

With a few piano interludes and an intermission, this recital lasts 1:30 and is illuminated by the presentation of works as well as anecdotes.

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