Recital with composers from the south of France

Midi dix : composers from the south of France

This recital includes musical works composed by southerners since the nineteenth century until today.

- Midi dix (wordplay for Twelve ten p.m.)...
The name may sound strange. What is it about ?
It is simply a musical panorama around 10 composers of the South.
The Midi symbolizes the South of France without precise border, going from west to east, starting from Maurice Ravel (Ciboure) until Félix Fourdrain (Nice), through Corsica ...
To name a few: Gabriel Fauré, Daniel Tomasi, Aymé Kunc... not to mention contemporary music with Lionel Ginoux (Marseille) and Marybel Dessagnes (Cannes).

With a few piano interludes and an intermission, this recital lasts 1:30 and is illuminated by the presentation of works as well as anecdotes.

This recital had received the world premiere of the work specially composed by Marybel Dessagnes: "Les Métamorphoses du Sonore" (The Metamorphosis of Sound) cycle for dramatic soprano voice and prepared piano.
- Saturday, August 6, 2016 at 20:30