Les Poèmes pour Mi d'Olivier Messiaen

"Poèmes pour Mi" - Olivier Messiaen

Sylvia Cazeneuve presents "Poems for Mi" from "Olivier Messiaen". This diptych of nine songs (Action de grâces, Paysage, La Maison, Epouvante, L'épouse, Ta voix, Les deux guerriers, Le collier, Prière exaucée) is a work composed in 1937 for dramatic soprano. This is a work very demanding on the vocal and musical level. It's an emblematic work of the French composer.

Olivier Messiaen was a composer singular can be considered as the colorist of modern music. His style called modernist modal, rhythm tendency, is foremost revolutionary with his conception of music as a fine art. Every note, every chord is thought of as moving in space with a range of colorful and emotional sensations.

Olivier Messiaen is probably one of the most influential composers of the twentieth century. With his personal musical language, he is innovative in the areas melodic, harmonic and rhythmic.

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