Recital lyric Jules Massenet

Recital Hommage à Jules Massenet

Since January 2012 Sylvia Cazeneuve performs a recital exclusively based on the famous French composer Jules Massenet’s work. This recital has been developed for the centenary of Jules Massenet passing. Since then, this recital is given regularly.

Jules Massenet wrote a great repertoire that includes 25 operas and hundreds of songs and other works. For this Massenet recital, Sylvia Cazeneuve offers an eclectic repertoire with famous and overlooked works including French songs (Elégie, Heure vécue, Les yeux clos…), oratorios (Marie-Magdeleine, La Vierge…), opera arias (Le Cid, Le Roi de Lahore, Ariane…).

This recital lasts 1h30 with an entr'acte and contains a few piano interludes. Each piece of work is introduced to the audience, along with a few anecdotes about the composer’s life.

Read the PDF presentation about récital Jules Massenet