Recital Cendre Rouge Camille Saint-Saëns by Sylvia Cazeneuve

Recital "Cendre Rouge, Camille Saint-Saëns"

From January 2014 Sylvia Cazeneuve presents a recital exclusively dedicated to the French composer Camille Saint-Saëns. This recital has been developed around the cycle of French melodies "Cendre Rouge" (Red Ash), composed in 1914 by Camille Saint-Saëns himself.

Camille Saint-Saëns is a major composer of French operatic field. It may seem unclassifiable with his musical composition that is both classic and romantic. This lyric portrait of the composer Camille Saint-Saëns is proposed by Sylvia Cazeneuve with works known and other forgotten. Around "Cendre Rouge", this recital includes French songs and arias.

With a few piano interludes and an intermission, this recital lasts 1:30 and is illuminated by the presentation of works as well as anecdotes about the composer's life.

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