Sylvia Cazeneuve, French opera singer in Toulouse in France, dramatic soprano she is a specialist of French song, it is a great interpreter of contemporary music, she is a great teacher noticed that teaches the art of singing and interpréation, accompanies the singers for the preparation of competitions, she is also artistic director of festivals and cultural events.

Sylvia Cazeneuve's biography lyric singer

Native to Bergerac (French Nationality), Sylvia Cazeneuve studied Saxophone and Solfege at the Conservatoire of Toulouse, she got into University of Toulouse which enabled her to study musicology. She always had a high interest in different vocal expressions with concerning lyric performing and in developing different fields (lyric, choir, composing, recording). She is now looking forward to developing an original and divers experience in the lyric field as she performs as a full lyric dramatic soprano in France and abroad. Furthermore she held conferences.

Sylvia Cazeneuve has been trained in Toulouse with the lyric tenor Jean-Paul Caffi and the dutch baritone Maarten Koningsberger. Passionate by French melodie and lied, she cultivates the art of chamber music with Michel Sénéchal, David Sélig, Susan Manoff and Anne Le Bozec. Meanwhile, she explores the contemporary music and trained with composers Bertrand Dubedout et Michel Decoust. Participates regularly in master-classes including Alain Buet, François Le Roux, Margret Honig, d'Alain Fondary, d'Alain Garichot, de Gabriel Bacquier et de Montserrat Caballe. As well, she was trained an functional voice training and speech therapy to the heritage of Carol Baggott-Forte's 'The liberated voice' method. 2011, she's soloist in Gabriel Bacquier's opera company whom she tackles the greatest opera roles. Each year Sylvia offers a new thematic concert as a show ("Hommage à Jules Massenet", "Il était une fois Francis Poulenc...", "Des fleurs pour Baudelaire", "Eternelles", "Maudite soit la guerre", "Rêve de Lune", "Non essentiel"...). Since 2014, she has been artistic director for the festival Les Rencontres Lyriques de Luchon . She had sung in the world premiere of "Trois mélodies lourdes" of the composer Lionel Ginoux, "Ballade de Florentin Prunier", "D'un corbeau et d'un renard" and "Les petites mélodies impertinentes" cycle of melodies of Isabelle Aboulker's, "Cyrano dans la lune" cycle of Patrick Burgan, "Les métamorphoses du sonores", cycle of melodies with piano prepared of Marybel Dessagnes, "Les montagnes" of Isabelle Aboulker. In 2019, had sung in the world premiere of the title role of Mama-Quilla in the opera "Les sept lués" (The seven Moons) by Lionel Ginoux and soon she will sing in the world premiere of a cycle of François Riu-Barotte and the cycle "Du ciel à la terre" of Marybel Dessagnes.

Laureate of international singing competitions, in 2009 she took part in the Nîmes International Singing Competition and won First Prize and the public vote. Moreover, in 2011 she won the jury's special price at the international singing competition of Canari city. In 2013, Sylvia Cazeneuve was selected by the Pôle de Diffusion d'Art Lyrique et Contemporain for "the uniqueness of her voice, his sensitivity and natural charisma that makes her a sincere and generous artist with a great intelligence (...) for the relevance of his recitals recounted, masterly technical and artistic prowess (...)"

Premieres of Sylvia Cazeneuve


Song cycle "Les petites mélodies impertinentes" (dedicatee):
Song cycle of Isabelle Aboulker, first in 2015. Video

Song cycle with prepared piano "Les métamorphoses du sonore" (dedicatee):
Song cycle of Marybel Dessagnes, first in 2016. Video

Song cycle "Les Trois mélodies lourdes" (dedicatee):
Song cycle of Lionel Ginoux, first in 2017. Video

"La ballade de Florentin Prunier" :
Song of Isabelle Aboulker, first in 2018. Video

"D'un corbeau et d'un renard" :
Song of Isabelle Aboulker, first in 2018. Video

Song cycle "Cyrano dans la lune" :
Song cycle of Patrick Burgan, first in 2019. Video

Opera "Les sept lués" :
Contemporary opera of Lionel Ginoux, premiere in 2019. Video

Song "Les montagnes" (dedicatee):
Song of Isabelle Aboulker, first in 2021. Video

Soprano dramatic French



Don Giovanni - Donna Anna - W. A. Mozart
Adriana Lecouvreur - rôle titre - F. Cilea
Manon Lescaut - rôle titre - G. Puccini
La Gioconda - rôle titre - A. Ponchielli
Madama Butterfly - Cio-Cio-San - G. Puccini
Tosca - Tosca - G. Puccini
Le nozze di Figaro - La Contessa - W. A. Mozart
La Wally - rôle titre - A. Catalani
La Reine de Saba - Balkis - C. Gounod
Ascanio - La Duchesse d'Etampes - C. Saint-Saëns
Le Cid - Chimène - Jules Massenet
Hérodiade - Salomé - Jules Massenet
Cendrillon - Le Prince Charmant - Jules Massenet
Le Roi de Lahore - Sitâ - Jules Massenet
Dialogues des Carmélites - Seconde Prieure – F. Poulenc
La Voix Humaine – Elle – Francis Poulenc
Lohengrin - Elsa - R. Wagner
Tannhäuser - Elisabeth - R. Wagner


Siete canciones populares españolas - Manuel de Falla
Les Nuits d'Eté - Hector Berlioz
Poèmes pour Mi - Olivier Messiaen
Chansons érotiques - Michel Decoust

Mélodies françaises

de Francis Poulenc, Ernest Chausson, Reynaldo Hahn, Maurice Ravel, Gabriel Fauré, Georges Bizet, Camille Saint-Saëns, Charles Gounod, Henri Duparc, Jules Massenet, Déodat de Séverac, Kurt Weill, Claude Debussy, Charles Koechlin, ...


de Robert Schumann, Richard Strauss, Franz Schubert, Johannes Brahms, Richard Wagner, Hugo Wolf...

Mélodies contemporaines

de Michel Decoust, Richard Dubugnon, Georges Aperghis, Alain Louvier, Marybel Dessagnes, Monic Cecconi Botella, Isabelle Aboulker, Lionel Ginoux, Patrick Burgan, Jean-René Combes Damien, Jacques Rebotier, Yves Malmasson......

French singer soprano recital


Some piano interludes are added to these thematic recitals. In addition, the works are presented and anecdotes about the composers are told. Recitals with a single work (Poems for Mi for example) can also receive a brief introduction to illuminate the understanding of the work. ).

The show "Contrastes"

(Contrasts)

The show "Rêve de Lune"

(Dream moon)

The recital "Maudite soit la guerre"

(cursed be the war)

The show Des Fleurs pour Baudelaire

(Flowers for Baudelaire)

The recital Midi dix

(southern french composers)

The recital Eternelles

(French women composers). Eternelles

The recital Cendre Rouge, Camille Saint-Saëns

Cendre Rouge

The récital Il était une fois Francis Poulenc

(Once upon a time Francis Poulenc) Francis Poulenc

The recital Hommage à Jules Massenet

Jules Massenet

The recital Poèmes pour Mi d'Olivier Messiaen (Poems for Mi)

Poèmes pour Mi

Also : :

- The recital Les Nuits d'Etés - Hector Berlioz
- A recital with French melodies and/or Lieder
- a recital with contemporary French melodies
- etc...

Découvrir la musique et le chant autrement avec Sylvia Cazeneuve


For each of these conferences, Sylvia Cazeneuve builds bridges between the arts, with painting or literature, she uses sounds and visuals (pictures, videos, music ...), she does not hesitate to illustrate his singing théoriesen few notes, and always involves the audience by bringing to question.

The perspective of a lyrical artist:

Sylvia Cazeneuve presents various conferences around the opera. This approach is unique because these conferences do not expose not the point of view of a musicologist, but that of an opera singer the next century. This topic is broad. Sylvia Cazeneuve offers various conferences which may be about a composer (Francis Poulenc, Jules Massenet, Camille Saint-Saëns ...), or a theme, or even knowledge of singing and the vocal organs.

The conferences:

- Conference "Anatomy and functional mechanism of the voice"
To understand the spoken voice and sung voice. Read more

- Conference "When the music gets women"
What is the place of women in music creation? Read more

- Conference "Jules Massenet, aesthetics and interpretation"
Who was Jules Massenet? What was the man and the composer? Read more

- Conference Francis Poulenc, heads or tails"
Understanding Francis Poulenc. How to listen and sing his music today? Read more

- Conference "Mysterious Camille Saint-Saëns"
Discovery of Camille Saint-Saens: what was his life, his style, understand his work... Read more

Master classe, singing training, teaching, singer lesson


Noted for her pedagogical skills and enthusiasm, Sylvia Cazeneuve is regularly invited to teach vocal technique and interpretation during singing courses. This knowledge transfer is important for Sylvia Cazeneuve has always considered it normal to share the knowledge that others have given to her.

Each year several lyric singing courses are offered, including one in Marseille (France), and one in Bagnères de Luchon (France).

The liberated voice:

Sylvia Cazeneuve trained in advanced vocal technique on the functional mechanism of voice and rehabilitation guided by the principles 'The liberated voice' Carol Baggott-Forte and Cornelius Reid. The voice is a delicate instrument that you can not replace. It is necessary to know how to protect it, sometimes it may be necessary to "repair" it.

The body work, flexibility, energy, breath:

The body work is an essential component in Sylvia Cazeneuve's teaching. The body is the support of the voice, the singer not only sings with two vocal cords but with his whole being. Body flexibility allows the voice to release and grow. Among other things, the pelvic tilt, the flexibility of the larynx, ground anchors, are basic concepts that are dealt and put into direct relation with the energy for breath. To sing well, it is also necessary to know how to breathe.

The metric and prosody

How to serve the text better. How to honor poets and composers? How to sing in compliance with the French lyric tradition ...

Also, interpretation, pronunciation, diction, declamation...

The health of the voice: vocal thermalism, voice therapy, release and protect her voice

Approached for his thorough knowledge of the vocal apparatus, for his skills on the mechanical voice work, for his research on the instrument and good vocal gesture, Sylvia Cazeneuve is required to make various projects around the liberated voice.

Vocal thermalism : Vox Detox

Les Thermes "Respiratory" of Bagneres Luchon offer stays voice wellness spa treatments in the morning and vocal mechanism sessions with Sylvia Cazeneuve during the afternoon.
read more about Vox Detox

Workshops : « Liberated voice »

To free his breath, his body and his voice. 3-day workshops with Sylvia Cazeneuve. (Next workshop 20/21/22 march 2020 in Nîmes - France). read more about Libérer sa voix

Preparing choir or preparation of competitions and examinations for soloists

Vocal technique sessions for singers (posture, breathing, vocal technique) or for soloists (choice of vocal repertoire, stress management, vocal technique and interpretation).

Also : Stress management, laying the spoken voice, public speaking training, declamation ...

Videos french lyric singer soprano

  • Sylvia Cazeneuve chanteuse lyrique

    Petites mélodies Impertinente (2015)
    Isabelle Aboulker - G. Flaubert

  • Sylvia Cazeneuve chanteuse lyrique

    Sur les lagunes (1838)
    Hector Berlioz - T. Gautier

  • Sylvia Cazeneuve chanteuse lyrique

    L'heure exquise (1892)
    Reynaldo Hahn - Paul Verlaine

  • Sylvia Cazeneuve chanteuse lyrique

    L'Amante macabre (1986)
    Michel Decoust - M. Rollinat

  • Sylvia Cazeneuve chanteuse lyrique

    Métamorphoses du sonore
    M. Dessagnes - C. Delarue

  • Sylvia Cazeneuve chanteuse lyrique

    Enseignement (2012)
    stage de chant lyrique pour solistes

  • Sylvia Cazeneuve chanteuse lyrique

    Conférence: Anatomie,
    mécanisme fonctionnel de la voix

  • Sylvia Cazeneuve chanteuse lyrique

    Enregistrement des parties vocales
    Film "The Future" (O.Cussac)

  • See more videos on Youtube's channel

Pictures Sylvia Cazeneuve

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